When Green is Strategic, Company Areas

One of the most popular words is: “even the eye wants its share”.  This is also true for a company: it is very important in fact how it looks in the eyes of customers (existing or potential) and also of competitors. Presenting oneself well to the competition also has an equally strategic value: it suggests that the competitor in question operates with seriousness and professionalism and therefore, in some cases, especially when comparing companies of the same level, is frightening.

Not only customers and competitors: also workers

Well-maintained, liveable outdoor spaces are an inherent component of corporate welfare: they provide employees with a harmonious place for a moment of relaxation. Detaching the plug for a few minutes from the routine of working between plants and flowers is certainly even more enjoyable.

Two green areas, two strategic objectives

A company that is very attentive to the welfare of its employees and to the way it presents itself to its competitors, customers and visitors is certainly Barilla, which has created two large green areas in its headquarter in Pedrignano. In one, in addition to several plants and hedges, some sculptures by the artist Pietro Cascella have been installed to give it a “more institutional” tone. In the other, however, employees can have lunch in the open air or work with their own PC in special areas with wi-fi and electrical outlets.

The factory surrounded by greenery

Another example and another interpretation of the importance of corporate greenery comes from the province of Arezzo where, last year, the new plant in Prada was inaugurated. The aim of the project – designed by architect Guido Canali – is to enhance the beauty of the territory, offer its workers a pleasant place, reinterpret the very concept of the company.

Verde Cabiria, gardening company in Parma

If you are also a company that reserves an important role for its green spaces, please contact us. We will plan together the setting up of your green area and we will take care of it with professionalism. Our gardeners will carry out all the steps necessary for their maintenance: from mowing to planting, from pruning the plants to pesticide treatments. For the care of your business card, and the place where your employees can relax for a few minutes, do not hesitate to contact us: the inspection is free!

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