Weevil Beetle | What is it and how to fight it in palms and olive trees

The weevil beetle (scientific name with rhynclophorus ferruginous ) is a pest that can give you many problems in cultivation, and worst of all, it’s not widely known. It is one of the main issues of the palms, and that this plague shall overflow feature without any hesitation.

They weaken the leaves, or directly cut at an incredible speed. This has its reason for being: the moment in which cut out a compound that attracts a more significant number of beetles, which makes it imperative to identify the pest quickly and find a way to end it immediately.

What is picuro red beetle?

The weevil beetle is curious. Females lay eggs in the “wounds” of palm trees, those that have been filed over time (aging) for a lousy pruning, but we can also find them on the leaves that cover the entire structure.

At the time the eggs hatch larvae appear to have a size of between 5 and 6 mm. To survive, these beings must live inside the trunk for a few days.

They will form a cocoon of brown when they have achieved sufficient nutrients to complete transportation. The interior thereof will emerge the red palm weevil beetle, and will then palm have a problem.

Its impressive red characterizes it by its long beak leaving the head (with a size of 5 cm) and the number of creatures that can be concentrated in a single palm.

A single female can lay about 400 eggs. That is that soon we may have a significant pest.

Survive in hot, humid climates. To move from the larval stage to adult need a time of 4 months. It is a kind of plague that takes time to develop: even within the same palm tree may come to inhabit several generations of beetle or weevil.

Now that you know how important it is to get rid of the pest, we will see how you can control.

How can I know if I have a beetle or weevil infestation?

The pest feeds inside the palm, and the result will not be fissile until the structure is heavily damaged. The plague only emerges at the time when the palm is in the past and have to move to another to survive.

But we not agobiemos us, because there are some symptoms primary that will tell us whether we are facing a problem of beetle or weevil.

  • Cup: The cup of Palmera no longer present an asymmetrical shape.
  • Changes in the leaves: The leaves of the palm tree, which looked terrific before, have lost their color and will be presented, with little energy.
  • Weakness: Can we find signs of weakness in the whole structure of the tree.
  • Excavation signals: Find signs of excavation is not easy, but possible. Those members of the plague that much closer to the surface of the trunk will eventually perforate. And precisely this will be a sign to make us see that we have a serious problem ahead.
  • Corona: Important issues are also apparent from the crown; This will present a worn look. However, if this occurs most likely, it is too late and not be us other than cutting down the palm tree and destroy it to prevent the plague spread can reach.

How to fight the palm weevil beetle?

Before analyzing the possibilities we have against the weevil beetle, we have to make two considerations:

  • Season: The best time of year to start the healing process is in the coldest months of the year. And at that moment, the beetle has a lower activity, making it easier to kill it.
  • Logging and destruction: Whenever we have to end with a plant, we must be ready for the worst possible situation. Note that if the pest is widespread, we will have no other to cut down the tree and kill it altogether. Only thus avoiding the plague can be extended to a healthy palm and not repeat the process.

Pheromone traps

The pheromone traps are very effective against red palm weevil beetle. That itself should be used only in areas that are indeed affected. Useless, place them thoughtlessly. We will have to observe those areas where flying emerges and put them there.


The great weakness of red palm weevil beetle is the pruning. If the trunk has already been affected, most recommended is to start pruning the branches to prevent them from reaching those places that have not yet settled.

The remains of the tree that have been affected must be deposited in unusual places, like landfills, to prevent pest proliferates.

chemical treatments

Chemical treatments beetle or weevil are instead intended for use in the buds of the palm, and these areas are considered the most palatable by the red weevil. They are easy to use; must be applied insecticide injections in strategic areas.

If the problem is not just this, probably we have to hire a professional pest.

Biological treatments

Meanwhile, biological therapies are considered less aggressive than chemicals. The idea is usually to use another type of pest to end the beetle or weevil, and not as lethal as this. Fungi can be a good alternative. These can kill bugs that are infecting the palms of the city, garden, or in your neighborhood.

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