The Red Lemon: Characteristics and Where to Find it

The red lemon is a variant of the Citrus family, to which the traditional lemon also belongs. Its properties make it a special cultivation, ideal for those who love to surround themselves with flowers without having a soil. Here are the properties of this plant and where to find it.


The red lemon is an evergreen plant and represents a variant of the yellow lemon: compared to its genetic “cousin”, the red lemon has brown spots, but the bright color of the skin stands out, which can be red fire, or orange.

The red lemon also has the flesh of this color, but the flavor is slightly harsher than the more famous lemon. Once ripe, the fruit deteriorates within 2-3 days. For this reason, the red lemon is not found in grocery stores, but is consumed only by those who take care of the plant.

The ripe lemon of this variety has a very thick skin and a “drop” shape, almost elongated. The plant produces few fruits compared to the best known variant, but does not fail to give satisfaction: in fact, the plant can be used in different ways.


To grow the red lemon, the best solution is to hold the plant in a pot, to be kept in the balcony. First of all, the plant must have the right soil, which must be very rich: the best fertilizer must have elements such as phosphorus and potassium, but on the market you may also find specific fertilizers for citrus, with all the substances that are needed to grow the best red lemon.

For best results, it is important to protect the plant during the winter months, we talked about the antifreeze tissue in the previous post. You can choose to keep the plant at home (away from heating!), or the point where the sun’s rays arrive most frequently, to give the necessary light to the plant. The red lemon should not always be watered during this period: when the leaves begin to dry up, you can water a little ‘water with a spray.

In the spring, the plant begins to show off its buds, giving splendid white flowers after a short time. The scent will be pleasant and will keep the insects away from the plants around. One more reason to choose the red lemon for your balcony. In autumn the first lemons appear, which will be green in colour. When they turn a bright red, you can collect them, taking care to heal the wounds you make to the plant with a specific product, so as to keep away the insects and keep your tree healthy.

Pruning is also very important for the red lemon: this should be done before the appearance of flowers, with specific products and acting on the soil if it is not moist enough, or if you need more fertilizer.

After two years, it is necessary to proceed to repotting: wait for the late spring period (May), go to pruning and make sure that your plant has all the necessary nutrients.

The red lemon tree can get quite tall, but it stays thin, making potting once again the best for this type of plant. After the first repotting, you’ll have to wait 4 years before replanting your red lemon tree.


Due to its characteristics, the red lemon is suitable for various uses. The housewives with the green thumb will find great satisfaction in cultivating this plant “particular”, leaving of stucco also relatives and friends. Let’s see the most frequent uses.


The red lemons, even if harder than the yellow ones, can be used as a substitute for them in the kitchen: they are excellent on their own, to prepare fruit juices or ACE, or as a condiment for dishes.


In cosmetics, the red lemon is used for its intoxicating fragrance, but also for its antibacterial and astringent properties. Red lemon-based body oils and essences can be found in the greenest herbalists and perfumeries, but you can also produce your own essence at home, after harvesting the lemons.


Because of its lively colour, the red lemon is now an excellent alternative to the “Christmas star”. This second plant decays quickly after the Christmas period, while the red lemon can be grown and become a small resource useful. Even if it does not offer the best in terms of plant productivity, the red lemon can become an excellent ornament, both for the centerpiece and for the garden. The flowers, once removed from the plant, can be collected in nice pots, or can be used for elegant compositions.


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You will get directly the pot with the plant, which you can give for the Christmas holidays, or keep for yourself to bring joy and liveliness in your garden. Remember to use the right fertilizer so as not to make a mistake with the red lemon!

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