Small guide to Perennial Flowers: Lavender, Primrose and Hydrangea

Perennial flowers are a type of plant whose growth does not stop after a certain period of time. Unlike, for example, daisies, which reproduce once every twelve months, these flowers continue to develop twice a year. And as the name suggests, their life cycle continues for several years, bringing colors and scents to the gardens. They are perfect for any type of garden, terrace or balcony: they require little care and, by combining them, they guarantee colored green areas all year round.

What are the Perennial flowers?

The most common, and most common in green spaces, are hydrangea, lavender and primrose. Let’s see them together.

Hydrangea. Very common in gardens, it is appreciated for its “ornamental” appearance, for its colors that are usually white, blue and purple. It was discovered in China and brought to Europe in the 18th century by an explorer who decided to call the flower after his lover. And since then, giving flowers of hydrangea means declaring one’s love. From the point of view of cultivation, hydrangea does not require special care: it prefers cool environments and a position in the shade (therefore, avoid direct exposure to the sun).

Lavender. Known for its sweet scent, it is a flower with a thousand resources. Useful for headaches, soothing, reduces and insomnia and stress and its balsamic action is used to combat the classic ailments from cooling. Lavender is a very resistant plant, both to heat and humidity, it bears well the summer heat and the direct exposure to the sun. It is an “autonomous” flower, it does not need any particular nutritional elements, as well as specific soils.

Primrose. Discovered in Asia, with more than 500 species, its name comes from “primulus”, which indicates the early flowering of this plant. Coloured, perfumed, “jaunty”, they are a flower very easy to cultivate; with the minimum attentions, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the flower for a whole season! It is not for nothing a perennial flower. Primulae love moist soils, without water stagnation, a regulated sun exposure (maximum 16°).

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