Rosebush cuttings | How to prune a rosebush

Cutting is a procedure used to get a new plant from a rose bush. The truth is that with this process they will grab the vast majority of the shelves… but it is necessary to make an initial consideration before introducing us in the beautiful world of the cuttings of a rose: if there is a rose that you like, and you want it to multiply rooting a cut, it is not exactly the best option.

You should consider that staking may not be very resistant to extreme conditions (e.g., cold winter temperatures, excess water, droughts), pests, such as soft roundworms). He will need a lot of care and will live for fewer years.

A widespread mistake is to think that the roses we buy have been obtained through rose cuttings, but nothing further. Instead, they are grafted on rootstocks; in this way, the best results are achieved.

If you are going to multiply your roses by cuttings, you are going to achieve impressive flowers, but you must take into account the points against which we have already described.

Do you want to know how to make cuttings? Identify the types of roses you want to cut and then read on.

How do you make rose cuttings? Step by step

Season: Cuttings should be taken and planted in the fall season. We recommend that peaty moss stores be maintained at a temperature of about 4ºC. Finally, you will be able to plant them facing next spring.

Selection, The choice of offspring, is critical (we cannot choose the first thing we will find to plant rose cuttings). Study them in summer and choose those that have developed best, that have given flowers (those that have a thickness of between 6 and 10 millimeters are the best option). The problem with choosing a bud without a flower is that they are less vigorous, so it will be harder for them to catch.

Treatment: Make cuts between 20 and 25 cm in length. You should pay attention to the tip of the cuttings, making sure that you have beveled it, above the area of the shoot pointing outwards. Finish the leaves and stalks to prevent a lot of sweat (which could dry them out).

Hormones: Next, you must treat the base with rooting hormones; the most recommended way to do this is to buy this characteristic white powder that is marketed in the form of jars. The truth is that this step to get cuttings from a rose is not mandatory but highly recommended. If you do, the chance of a grip will be much higher.

Pot: The choice of container is much more important than it seems. You must nail the cuttings in tanks that have a mixture of sand and peat, introducing them at a depth of between 12 and 15 cm. Besides, rose cuttings should be about 8 cm apart.

Choose a pot that allows you to work with space.

As soon as there are abundant roots, individualize each cutting in individual pots.

Conditions The substrate must be moist at all times, avoiding direct sunlight. The truth is that it is possible to plant rose cuttings in water, although the process will be much more difficult. Make sure to maintain a temperature between 18 and 21ºC.

Grafting: Once March arrives, if everything has gone well, the plant will have sprouted, and we will have achieved our objective. Although this does not mean that we are finished since at that moment, we will have to proceed with the grafting. We can also wait until October-November to do so. It will be in December or January when the plant will bud.

Plants of rose cuttings on potatoes?

Is it possible to grow roses with the help of potatoes? Yes. And it is that vegetables can help get the cuttings of a rosebush to have the necessary moisture to develop healthy roots. Another advantage of this method is that it can be used at any time of year, but you ‘d better wait until the temperature is rather cold.

We also teach know how to make cuttings rosebush potato:

  • Begins by cutting a healthy scion, making sure that no more than one year. To the length, this should be a maximum of 25 cm. Note that you will not use the cuttings immediately, if not the need to store in a plastic bag.
  • Go removing wilted leaves until you reach those that are healthy. Learn how to prune a rosebush has no mystery, but we have to have the right tools.
  • Fill a container with a substrate quality and add some water to make it moistened.
  • Take the potatoes and make a hole large enough to insert the cuttings in a rosebush. You can avail yourself of a sharp tool such as a screwdriver.
  • Place some rooting at the tip of the cutting and kill excess.
  • Use a spoon to dig a small hole in the ground (make sure it is large enough to fit potato).
  • Burying potatoes and cover ground. All you need to excel is the scion.
  • Based on the same place, a clean bottle. This bottle will provide the conditions that the cutting needs to grow.
  • You’re all ready. All you have to do is place the pot in a warm place that is away from sunlight. Take the bottle every day for a few minutes so that the cutting can breathe. Also, make sure the soil is always moist until the first buds begin to appear.

With these methods, you can plant cuttings from a rosebush without complications.

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