Guide on the best circular and table saws to buy

Table saws are the tools most used by various professionals in carpentry, blacksmithing, and others. That’s why buying the best 10″ table saw blade can be a good experience, and more if you know the best models on offer today.

And, if you are about to set up a workshop and require a tool as useful as a table saw, you need this guide to know what this implement comprises, the types and advantages so that you can buy an excellent quality one.

Best 5 Table Saws

  • Bosch PTS 10 – Circular Table Saw 1400W motor power.
  • The diameter of the disc is 254 mm.
  • Depth of cut at 75 mm – 90°/90°.
  • Depth of cut at 63 mm – 45°/90°.
  • The maximum cutting height is 75 mm.
  • It weighs 26 kg.
  • Cutting edges up to ± 60°.
  • The table has extensions, parallel stops, and a suction tube.
  • Consumers have given the number one position to this efficient tool. It is considered a table saw very useful and comfortable to work, as already mentioned has very powerful features that credit it as an ideal tool.

Of this model there are very few offers because it contains some very outstanding features but, it is a saw that is worth paying for it because you will have in your workshop or at home a really comfortable tool. The table extensions allow you to cut from different angles, including large objects, and the rotation of the disk in the vacuum is 5000 r.p.m.

Undoubtedly, it is a very complete model with which you will be able to make works of cuts on the floor, big tables and many robust materials. So on every occasion and with all the material you will have good results.

Saws are very important tools, and that should not be missing if we need to cut materials frequently in our work. When we talk about saws, the most common are chainsaws, but there are different types of saws with different characteristics. Among this type of tools are circular saws.

Highly rated circular saw marks this 2019

We show you a list of the most popular circular saw brands in Mexico, not only for their quality but also for their price and warranty.

  • Skil
  • DeWalt
  • Truper
  • Milwaukee
  • Makita

 Parts of the circular saw: disc, motor, and structure

  • Disc: The cutting disc or saw has teeth that allow very precise cuts. It will almost always be made of stainless steel and the size will depend on the work to be done. The material to be cut must also influence when choosing a disc since it must have a specific arrangement, size and type of teeth for each task.
  • Motor: The circular table saw motor generates energy and provides power to the disc to cut the material. The electric motor is one of the most common types, but you can also get other types of saw with gasoline engines or even driven with hydraulic power.
  • Structure: The structure is an important part to take into account when choosing a circular saw. It is basic, but it will determine how much space you will occupy in the workshop. In the structure, itself must be the control controls to use the saw.

Tips to buy a good circular saw

If you need a circular saw, we recommend you see the multiple offers that Amazon has for you. Do not miss it! The offers will make the difference between buying a higher-priced saw that we do not use continuously and buying a much cheaper saw that can serve us for a long time.

  1. If your workshop is small, we recommend you buy a hand saw. Hand saws are much cheaper than bank and miter saws. It does not have the same precision as a fixed saw, but it is very convenient for different jobs.
  2. Bank saws and miter machines will be your allies if you need to do jobs that require more power or more difficult cuts.
  3. If you need a circular saw for rather sporadic work, it is not necessary that you look for a saw with too much power, with a simple one that can perform its work in optimal conditions will be sufficient.
  4. We recommend you check that the circular saw you choose has a speed regulator to perform different tasks and make the most of your new acquisition. Most of the circular saws have this system at present, but it is not other to review the specifications of the tool.
  5. Next to the systems to regulate the speed, at present we can also find circular saws with mechanical and laser guidance, to be more careful and maximize the vision of the work area when cutting materials. Choosing a saw with these characteristics will make your purchase the best investment.

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