All The Spring Work In The Garden

Spring is just around the corner.  For those with a passion for greenery, it’s time to think about how to take care of gardens, flowerbeds and flowers. All stages of care and maintenance of the green play a key role in having an outdoor space always in excellent condition. Mowing, fertilizing, pruning, irrigation, sowing are essential steps for impeccable parks and gardens.

The First Steps: Lawn Care

The first operation to be programmed is the mowing of the grass, to be done at the dawn of summer. For this activity, at the service of companies and individuals, the Cabiria cooperative uses the innovative John Deere 1600T lawnmower.

The new machine guarantees not only even more precise and faster mowing, but also less environmental impact. The new tractor also provides faster turf times. This allows Cabiria to offer lower prices to its customers: perfect gardens with little expense.

After completing the cleaning of the turf, you can identify the areas of the garden where it is necessary to reseed. Re-seeding the lawn where it is sparse, will lead to a homogeneous green when the grass has grown. For this operation it is advisable to use products with a high nitrogen content, an excellent stimulant for the growth of the grass.

Irrigation: Be Careful Not To Make Mistakes!

In these first months it is very important to pay attention to irrigation: February and March, on average, are very rainy months. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully evaluate the quantity of water to be used.

The Garden, An Explosion Of Colors

Aim at the flowers to make the green space a real explosion of colors. Flowers and borders must be sown when the days begin to be longer and more sunny. And here you can indulge yourself… from the red of roses to the yellow of tulips, from the blue of hydrangeas to the white petals of daisies. The garden will be even more welcoming and pleasant.

Cabiria Green: competent help

Cabiria, the cooperative that has been taking care of private gardens and company areas since the 1980s, from design to maintenance, will provide you with valuable help in carrying out all these works.

  1. A team of experts will advise you on the best plantings for your area.
  2. We’ll mow the grass with the new 1600T lawnmower.
  3. To keep the green area healthy at all times, we will carry out pesticide treatments.
  4. If you want to enrich your outdoor space with new plants and flowers, we will choose together which ones are best suited to your garden.

In short, count on Verde Cabiria to satisfy all your ‘green’ desires!

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